return of old devices

AndroTec is committed to protecting the environment and conserving the resources used. We take responsibility for the products we manufacture and offer our customers in the EU free take-back of the electronic devices we manufacture or sell in accordance with ElektroG.

AndroTec sends the returned electronic products to an approved recycling company for recovery, recycling or proper disposal. This service is free for our customers. Only the transport costs to us or to the participating dealers are to be borne by our customers.

In addition, we grant our customers a discount on new devices ordered in return for each old AndroTec device sent in. The amount of the individual discount depends, among other things, on the type of devices sent in and ordered. Please send us questions about this using the contact form or via email: Retouren-Email.


Your options for disposing of old devices

You can either hand in your disused AndroTec device to participating dealers or send it directly to AndroTec.

If you would like to send the device to AndroTec, please fill out the return form and enclose it with the prepaid shipment. Please address the shipment to

AndroTec GmbH
Hauptstraße 186
67714 Waldfischbach-Burgalben
Tel: 06333 / 27 55 0


Important information for shipping

Please send the devices only in suitable, stable packaging; ideally in their original packaging.

We expressly point out that according to §19a ElektroG you have to delete any personal data on the devices to be disposed of.

When shipping devices with built-in or enclosed batteries that contain lithium (e.g. lithium primary cells or lithium-ion batteries, hereinafter generally referred to as lithium batteries), ensure that the packages are properly packaged and labeled.

As of July 2022, according to the European Agreement concerning the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), the following regulations apply to the shipment of lithium batteries with a maximum rated energy of 100Wh:

  • If the old devices contain lithium batteries, a maximum of two lithium batteries installed in devices may be sent per package without further identification.
  • If more than two lithium batteries installed in waste equipment and/or loose lithium batteries are to be shipped in one package, the package must also be labeled in accordance with ADR subsection
  • If the lithium batteries are supplied loose, the poles must be insulated with adhesive tape and the batteries must also be packed individually in a separate plastic bag.

ZVEI information sheet no. 36 contains more information on shipping lithium batteries.

If you have any questions about returning your AndroTec devices, please feel free to contact us at the above address.


Form - Returning used Equipment
The Form for returning used equipment
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