Metor MTR-125RG

The new classic. Better than good.

Metor MTR-125RG with new technology for even higher accuracy and stability of the readings even under difficult conditions.

Metor MTR-125RG is highly accurate. Each device is calibrated individually. The resulting measurement accuracy is among the best on the market.

Metor MTR-125RG is strong. Powerful neodymium magnets at the top and back hold it securely to any metal profile. Good for interior design.

Metor MTR-125RG is immune to interference. Flashing lights, LED and fluorescent lamps don't bother him.

Metor MTR-125RG is robust. The rubber coating protects against falls and bumps and the housing is completely waterproof.

Metor MTR-125RG is user-friendly. Illuminated, high-contrast displays on the front and back ensure that the measured values ​​can be read quickly.

Metor MTR-125RG is variable. The user can variably set the zero point himself.

Metor MTR-125RG is enduring. Lasts with two AAA batteries up to 70 hours.

Metor MTR-125RG works with all common red and green rotating lasers.

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