Metor MTR-85.

Simple. Precise. Specialized.

Millimeter indication for rotary OR line lasers.

Metor MTR-85 is easy to use and offers exactly the functions you need on your construction site.

Metor MTR-85 is specialized. MTR-85R receives rotating lasers and MTR-85RLL line lasers.

Metor MTR-85 is highly accurate. Each device is calibrated individually. The resulting measurement accuracy is among the best on the market.

Metor MTR-85 is strong. Two powerful neodymium magnets hold it securely on any metal profile. Good for interior design.

Metor MTR-85 is immune to interference. Flashing lights, LED and fluorescent lamps don't bother him.

Metor MTR-85 is robust. The rubber coating protects against falls and bumps and the housing is completely waterproof.

Metor MTR-85 is user-friendly. High-contrast displays on the front and back ensure that the measured values ​​can be read quickly.

Metor MTR-85 is comfortable. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, it fits in every shirt pocket and in every suitcase.

Metor MTR-85 is enduring. With only one AA battery, the MTR-85RLL achieves an operating time of 45 hours and the MTR-85R even more than 65 hours.

Metor MTR-85 works with standard red rotating or line lasers.

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