Unites 2D and 3D


BricsCAD© is the powerful CAD-Software-Platform,
that unites 2D-CAD- and 3D direct modeling for .dwg - on Windows, Mac and Linux.

BricsCAD Features

  • 3D direct modeling
  • modeling of complex assemblies
  • Sheet Metal Modeling
  • create technical drawings easily
  • scalable label objects
  • fast an easy creation of multi-leading-lines
  • intelligent Quad in 2D- and 3D modeling
  • effective User interface
  • many options for customization

BricsCAD Communicator

An additional module (chargeable) for 3D data exchange between common CAD formats. Import and export in the following formats: STEP, IGES, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks ...

Cloud Connectivity

BricsCAD integrates an intelligent connection to the cloud-based project management system Chapoo. Chapoo offers everything from document sharing to complex project cooperation. The Chapoo Connection-Tool detects Xrefs automatically.

Industry solutions from third-party providers

BricsCAD is the most developer-friendly CAD-Platform on the market. Third-party solutions can be run on BricsCAD with (almost) no changes on the sourcecode, thanks to industry-compatible API's.

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