Cubature calculating with cut and fill

Against the background of earthwork calculations, AndroTec’s Cubage Calculator for Microsoft Windows is a handy tool for calculating the cubage of earth masses based on two surfaces (so-called ‘horizons’). Kubatura complies with German REB/GAEB regulations.

The surfaces can be specified either by measurements, by CAD data or by horizontal levels of a fixed height. If required, the elevation of a horizon can be shifted. The automatic triangular meshing takes breaklines into account, and also allows defining boundaries or cutouts in the billing area.

Kubatura’s computation results comprise all relevant parameters like cut, fill, surface area, circumference, etc. Moreover, powerful 3D visualization functions support the visual inspection of the models. Detailed calculation reports ensure that the client can verify the results.

Kubatura can either be used with the AndroTec's PlanAssistent or, in conjunction with the geo-data converter CVT-Pro, together with tachymetric or GNSS-based measurement systems from all leading manufacturers.

Core features:

  • Automatic triangulation in consideration of breaklines, boundaries and cutouts
  • Calculation of cut and fill, surfaces and circumference of
  • two site surveys
  • a site survey and a horizontal plane
  • a site survey relative to the highest or lowest point of that survey
  • site surveys with height offsets
  • Generation of the difference model
  • Generation of contour lines at arbitrary height levels
  • Generation of height values ​​in a selectable grid
  • Graphical 3D visualisazion of the terrain models or the difference model in real time
  • Many graphical options such as false color, central or parallel projection, vertical magnification, etc.
  • Data import from all important data formats: DXF, XML, CSV, TXT, Leica-GSI, REB (DA30, 45, 49), ESRI Grid, SDR33, and more
  • Option to export results as DXF, REB (DA 30, 45, 49, 58) or LandXML TIN
  • Automatic report generation with 3D graphics, coordinate index, distance index and log according to REB / GAEB
  • Export of reports as RTF, CSV or interactive HTML files

Calculation standards:

  • REB 22.013
  • GAEB-VB 20.404
  • GAEB-VB 22.114
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