TosCAD's Modular Design

TosCAD features a modular design. You only pay for the functions you really need!

Basic Module

The Basic Module allows transferring 2D and 3D readings from your measuring instrument directly to your CAD software. It also provides convenient functions for distance and angle measurements.

Stationing Module

Using the Stationing Module you can set the position and coordinate system of your measuring instrument. For example for measuring from different locations or to initially set the position for stake out from CAD drawings. The module includes functions for free stationing, axis stationing, elevation stationing and stationing over a known point. You can use measured points as reference as well as already existing points/elements in the CAD drawing.

Stake Out Module

The Stake Out Module provides functions for staking out points, circles, axes and polylines directly from the CAD layout.

Point Number Module

The Point Number Module provides an easy way to automatically label measurements in the CAD drawing. Point IDs or coordinate values are written to selected layers for highest convenience. Depending on the used CAD software various formatting options are available.

Facade Module

The Facade Module adds two more functions to the stationing menue:

The "Facade" stationing allows to define a coordinate system on a vertical or inclined plane.

The stationing "3D plane" allows to define a coordinate system on an arbitrary 3D plane,
e.g. on a facade or wall and even on the floor or at the ceiling.

Furthermore, when performing stake-outs, the Facade Module enables the projection of target points on the stationing planes or - temporarily - on any 3D-plane, even when these planes do not match exactly with the CAD drawing.

 Supported Measuring Instruments