Digital leveling.
With Metor MTR-90.

The classic.

Metor MTR-90 is very precise. Every device is calibrated. The resulting accuracy is one of the best on the market.

Metor MTR-90 is strong. Two powerful neodymium magnets provide a good hold on any metal profile.

Metor MTR-90 is insensitive to interference. Flash / sun light, LED / fluorescent lamps are no problem.

Metor MTR-90 is robust. The Rubber over mold protects the receiver when accidentally dropped and the case is absolutely waterproof.

Metor MTR-90 is user friendly. Contrast rich front and rear displays guarantee quick and easy to see measurement results.

Metor MTR-90 is convenient. Thanks to the compact physical dimensions and the low weight it fits in every shirt pocket and in every suitcase.

Metor MTR-90 is variable. The zero-point is configurable by the user.

Metor MTR-90 is persistent. It reaches an operating time of over 45 hours with only one type AA battery.

Metor MTR-90 is connected. MTR-90RF transmits its current measurement results to your Android mobile phone via Bluetooth LE.

Metor MTR-90 works with all conventional rotation lasers.

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