RoboStation IPS

Local positioning in industrial environments

RoboStation 2D Industrial Positioning System is a new, economic Positioning System for the industrial use based on laser technology. The basic system consists of one stationary RoboStation and at least one ore more mobile RoboStation IPS-Receivers. Any of these IPS-Receivers can be used independently at the same time in a radius of 50m and more.

RoboStation 2D Industrial Positioning System works like conventional rotational lasers. The RoboStation emits a plane of laser light. You will get polar or cartesian coordinates within this plane. The mobile IPS-receivers have a height range of 15cm. In this range the receiver gets the position even if there is an unevenness on the floor. The position sensors are reliable, robust and absolutely dust and waterproof (IP 67).

RoboStation 2D Industrial Positioning System is compatible to our construction positioning system RoboStation RS-2D so receiver RSD-2D called PlanAssistant can also used.

In addition to the standard system AndroTec offers customizations (e.g. range, accuracy, area of operation etc.) as well as integrated solutions.