The PlanAssistant

Master your Total Station.

Ingeniuosly simple Operation
With PlanAssistant, everybody can measure or stake out professionally. A short briefing is sufficient and previous knowledge in surveying is not required!

Graphical Display
As a matter of principle, layouts and points are always displayed graphically. This alleviates orientation at a job site.

Layouts with in total up to 40.000 readings can be down-loaded from each PC in the twinkle of an eye. Vice versa, measured layouts can be uploaded for further processing. PlanAssistant supports the use of geodetic points as well as the manual input of layouts.

Built-in CAD-Functions
Practically suitable built-in CAD functions allow the onsite construction of arcs, circles, straight lines, angles, tangents, parallels, intersection points, etc.

Free Stationing
Thanks to PlanAssistant's free stationing capabilities the Total Station can always be set up at an optimal position. Placing the device exactly over a reference point is not any longer required.

PlanAssistant is compatible with Total Stations of various manufacturers, provided that these devices are equipped with a serial interface. Ask uns.