Construction Monitoring for Professionals.

Wireless. Mobile. Fast. Flexible. Robust.

Realize with MoniMetor customized, laser-based monitoring systems for construction sites.

Combine MoniMetor with up to 8 Metor-RF laser detectors and at least one rotating laser:
With a few simple steps you can install a customized monitoring system and put it into operation.

MoniMetor works wireless. Whether you are in an trench, an excavator, or a construction trailer: MoniMetor warns you whereever you are located on the site.

MoniMetor is ideal for monitoring tasks like:

  • Structural health monitoring
  • Vertical displacement measurements
  • Alignment monitoring
  • even lifting of large loads (e.g. bridges)
  • Measureing of low-frequency vibrations
  • etc.

Graphical Display
MoniMetor displays the readings received by the individual Metor-RF laser detectors either as bar graph, arrow or history chart.

an alarm is indicated by MoniMetor both, acoustically and visually (optional).

Alarm Criteria
MoniMetor alloes to establish tolerances for triggering an alarm for each Metor-RF individually. Alarm criteria are for example:
  • Exceeding a given tolerance
  • Laser plane reaches end of sensor
  • Laser contact lost
  • Radio contact missing
  • Weak battery
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