RoboStation CPS

Discover the New Dimension in Surveying and Alignment

A RoboStation CPS consists of one RoboStation RS-2D and at least one PlanAssistant RSD-2D. Like conventional rotational lasers, the RoboStation emits a plane of laser light. Measurements are performed within this plane by applying the PlanAssistant. Vertical operating mode is optional. Electronic precision levels automatically align the laser head.

If required, a coordinate system can be defined by applying the stationing function. This e.g. allows to alter the base station's location resulting in an almost unlimited area of operation.

The receiver has a vertical measuring range of ± 2,5 cm which supports the measurement of moderate slopes. By using a rod the receiver allows to capture three dimensional coordinates and to measure or stake off nearly unlimited slopes.

In conjunction with an individual base station an arbitrary number of receivers can be operated simultaneously. Moreover, conventional laser detectors may also be used at the same time.

The receiver is equipped with an RS 232 interface in order to support bidirectional data exchange with a PC.